Barcode Key Tags

The perfect alternative to conventional membership cards

Track & Market to Your Members With Barcode Key Card Tags

Get Plastic Key Tags at Suncoast Identification SolutionsLooking for a way to check in members at your fitness center, track children at your kid’s ministry, or just want an alternative to conventional plastic cards? Custom plastic barcode key card tags are a practical and affordable marketing solution that keeps your logo in front of your customers and helps you keep track of current and past members.

  • Gym Memebership ID Cards
  • Customer Rewards Programs
  • Yoga Studio Access Cards
  • Business Loyalty Cards
  • Day Care Check-in Cards
  • Employee Access Scan Card
  • Business ID Cards

Barcode key card tags are an essential marketing solution for so many businesses. Not only do they allow you to track, allow access to, and re-market to customers, but they live on your customers key chains for all the world to see. Friends, family, co-workers and more will all notice a well designed barcode key card tag. That is a conversation you want your customers to have.

We offer customized solutions that are tailored to your business’ exact needs. Our barcode key card tags are available in over 15 standard designs but can also be customized in any shape you want. Your barcode key card tags can include a barcode, sequential numbering, or other data for membership tracking and can be formatted to work with your existing software or POS system. The surface of the key tag is a water-resistant polyester core with a protective, durable, and high-gloss laminate designed to protect your key tag from cracks, spills, and peeling.

Why By From IDSource

for the last 30 years IDSource have been the leading barcode key card tag providers in the US. Our on staff designers can help you create the perfect design for your barcode key card tags. Your customers will be proud to show off their key chains. We have a 100% satisfaction rate with our clients, but if there ever is an issue we guarantee a fast and free fix that will make you grin. We store your designs as well. This means that reordering is a breeze. All you have to do is give us a call and we will print and ship the amount your request. If your not looking for to reorder your key tags but you are interested in connecting with a plastic printer you can trust, you can still get in touch. From our designs to our printing to our shipping we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. You can get your design on file now and we can print and ship whenever your ready!

Combo Key Tags

Need multiple key tags or a combination of key tags and larger membership cards? Check out our selection of combo cards!